About Irene

Once, in the first grade, Irene wished so hard to become a magical creature that she got a headache. Still inexplicably human today, Irene has turned her attentions to other-worldly situations in her writing. Irene is a graduate of Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction MFA, and her publications include several science fiction short stories, interactive plays for young children, alternate reality games, and a YA fantasy novel, From Light to Dark. She enjoys juggling several creative projects at once, and is known for anagramming most names, including her own. You can normally find her hanging with her family and friends at the Creepy Luny Inn. Play with the letters a bit.

Writing Style

Irene writes fantasy and light science fiction for adults, young adults, and children. Her work spans novels, plays, transmedia events, and more. Most of her work focuses on internal conflicts told through speculative metaphors: From Light to Dark is a high fantasy that features a Romeo and Juliet theme. In it, two teens from opposing worlds come together to resolve the conflicts of their ancestors. For the release of that novel, Irene also wrote and produced a transmedia event called Creepy Luny Inn's Radio Adventure Show, aka Myth of the Seeker. This was an interactive radio drama and treasure hunt that allowed listeners to vote on the outcome of each episode. For the most part, Irene writes what she likes to read, which are character-driven stories of alternate realities. She likes to throw her characters into alternate worlds to see how they live their "normal" lives in the midst of magical or technological changes.

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