From Light to Dark

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“Her voice was like flower petals falling on wet grass.”

Eref is about to die. He sits at the End of Light World, accepting his stoning execution one rock at a time, until the impossible happens: the ground opens up beneath him, and he drops down into the unknown.

There, he meets Caer, a kind-hearted girl from Dark World who saves his life. Together, the pair forms an unlikely and illegal bond that not even the strongest hatred can break. But can their connection bring down the evil institution that has kept Light World and Dark World at odds for hundreds of years?

“Irene Pynn has crafted an incredible world in From Light to Dark, a young adult fantasy with a Yin/Yang feel, mythological elements, and a "truth despite the cost" theme -- you won't be able to stop reading!" Meg Mims, award-winning author of Double Crossing

“This is romance at its most poignant, fantasy at its most thrilling.  Caer and Eref are a heroine and hero with all the tragic nobility of Romeo and Juliet, and their struggle to survive the many dangers of their exotic worlds is emotional, exciting and ultimately inspiring.  It's a book you'll remember long after it's over, as you dream of Liber Flowers and the soft blue glow of Moonstone.” Kathleen O’Brien, author of The Cost of Silence and The Vineyard of Hopes and Dreams.

"From the moment Eref drops through Dark World's portal in a last-ditch attempt to escape his execution in Light World, readers are immersed in dichotomous realms that mirror our world, and the human condition. Pynn's narrative is engrossing and well-crafted. A must read." Lori Pollard-Johnson, author of The Lie, Toxic Torte, The Truth Test and Recipe For a Rebel


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